The implemented comprehensive plan at “Treasure Coast Dental” in light of the COVID-19 virus

Dear Patients,

GOOD NEWS!!  We wanted to reach out to you again about what we are doing here to keep you, our team, and our community safe.

Your health, safety, and comfort are the highest priority. We have spent the last few weeks implementing the strictest of infection control measures.

We are following the current CDC, OSHA, Florida Department of Health, American Dental Association, and Florida Dental Association guidelines and recommendations to do our part to minimize the spread of this virus. We wanted to update you on changes that we have made to our scheduling, disinfection, and physical space in light of the COVID-19 virus.

We are implementing the following comprehensive plan:

  • All team members have agreed to practice social distancing protocols and have their temperature taken each morning to ensure the absence of a fever. They will also answer the same pre-screening questions that you will be asked.
  • Our office will ask you specific screening questions on the phone when scheduling your appointment and again in person when you arrive for your visit.
  • Patients in the office will be limited to those being seen at the appointed time only. Our goal is to avoid patients having to sit in our reception area. We will do our best to reduce the contact of patients with each another. This may mean that fewer options may be offered to you when scheduling your appointment. 
  • Upon arrival to our office building, you will contact us from your car and receive information about when to come up to our office. No family members will be allowed in with you unless specific situations arise where an additional family member is needed.
  • All patients will be asked to wear face coverings to their appointments and when they leave. Masks, fishing buffs, or any other face covering is ok. Gloves are not needed.
  • When you enter for your appointment, your temperature will be taken to ensure that no low-grade fever is present (defined as 100.4◦ F per CDC guidelines), you will wash your hands for 20 seconds, and rinse with hydrogen peroxide for 60 seconds.
  • Reception and clinical areas are separated by a closed door.
  • All members of our team will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including level 3 face masks in reception area and N-95/KN95 face masks in all clinical areas, gowns, eyewear, and face shields.
  • There will be disinfectant gel and soap throughout the office to ensure access to cleaning your hands before and after any procedures.
  • We have installed a UV filtering system in our air conditioning system. In addition, a High Volume HEPA filtering system to completely turn over the air and filter it every 6 minutes has been installed in each treatment area
  • All surfaces that patients, or we, contact will be disinfected after every patient contact. This includes disinfection of the bathroom, door handles, faucets, countertops, etc.
  • High volume evacuation (HVE) suction systems have always been used in our practice during procedures to limit aerosols and splatter.

We ask for your patience as we work through all of this together. There may be some delays and changes that are not as smooth as we may like. Please know that we are trying to ensure that we do not compromise your safety, and that you can feel secure knowing that your health and well-being is our highest priority.


Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to seeing you again and to providing you with the exceptional care to which you are accustomed.

Our Best,

Rachel S. Squier


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