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Replacing All Teeth But Not All At Once

Cosmetic Dentistry – Fix Your Smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry – Fix your smile with veneers, whitening and more | Dear Doctor

Dental Implant Timelines For Replacing Missing Teeth

10 Patients of Prosthodontists on Missing Teeth, Smiles, Implants

Dental Implants

5 Tips for Having a More Natural Smile in Pictures…

Dr. Rachel Squier – “The Face of Prosthetic Dentistry”

TREASURE COAST DENTAL – Dr Rachel Squier “The Face of Prosthetic Dentistry” Dr. Rachel Squier is the only board-certified female prosthodontist in Florida. As if that were not impressive enough, there are an approximate 3,500 prosthodontists in the United States who comprise a slim 1.5 percent of all practicing dentists. The reason? It is a […]

Close those “Black Triangles” by Direct Dental Bonding

As our gums recede, as we become older, the space between the teeth that was previously filled with gum tissue disappears. This creates ugly “Black Triangles” that age a smile and can be a difficult esthetic problem.  The access and the geometry of this type of esthetic case make it very demanding.  Direct Dental bonding […]

Dental Implants: What you should know and the structure of the dental implant system

What Is Prosthodontics?