Patient Review by Cindi V

Went through two different dentists to have complete upper/lower dentures made. For two years I kept telling dentist(s) that my bite was off and my lower jaw was jutting forward in an unnatural position which was causing jaw fatigue; I was told to wear them/just had to get use to them. The teeth just did not seem to fit in size nor to the shape of my mouth. Paste nor powder adhesive helped. I didn't wear them 90% of the time as they kept my mouth tore all to pieces and it was just easier to go without them unless I was going to town or had company. I knew there had to be a solution so I searched the internet and found Dr. Squire .. oh how I wish I had found her two years ago! She took the time to LISTEN to my concerns and address my problems. The day Dr. Squire brought me my finished dentures I almost cried as they were beautiful! They looked like my real teeth and were proportionately sized to my face. I've been wearing them daily for a little over a month and am SO PLEASED with them. For the first time since having dentures (two years) I am able to eat what I want, wear my dentures all day, no adhesive, and only remove them to sleep. I give Dr. Squire two thumbs up for her attention to detail and work .. she is awesome and has given me back my smile!

- Cindi V

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