Patient Review by Walt O

I have difficult teeth to diagnosis. I say this because numerous dentists over the years have not been able to diagnose what has been wrong with my teeth. In fact, on two different occasions in the past, I suffered for years while dentists tried numerous procedures unsuccessfully. In their defense, these problems occurred between two rear molars and could not be seen on X-ray. My experience with Dr. Squier has been completely different. When I explained my symptoms and my past experiences to her about two years ago, she figured out what was wrong despite nothing showing up on X-ray and a crown solved the problem immediately. When a similar problem happened on the opposite side this October, we discussed whether to be aggressive and proceed with another crown or whether to try something more conservative first. With my blessing, she took the more aggressive approach and did a crown. Because I was going on an extended vacation immediately after the crown was complete, Dr. Squier put in temporary glue both to be sure I would enjoy my vacation and to be sure the crown solved the problem. When I returned from vacation, I still had symptoms near the new crown but I felt it was from the tooth in front of it. Rather than proceed with a new crown immediately which was my initial preference, she requested a consult with an Endodontist to be certain I did not need a root canal and that the second tooth was also involved. After confirming that I did not need a root canal and the second tooth was cracked, we both felt better proceeding with a second crown. At this point in time, the temporary crown is in place and I am confident that the problem will be solved.

- Walt O

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